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Learn About ACEs + Toxic Stress at Number Story

Number Story is the first national awareness campaign about ACEs and toxic stress. It aims to take the science of ACEs and toxic stress out of the journals and into mainstream society and empower individuals through knowledge.

California HOPE / CalHOPE

  • If you are feeling stressed, worried, or frustrated about COVID-19, calling the CalHOPE Warm Line connects you to people who offer emotional support and coping mechanisms. Call (833) 317-HOPE (4673) to talk with a peer counselor. Find more information at CALHOPE.
  • NAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide: National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI)’s COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide includes information on mental and physical health implications, pursuing treatment, and how to find support.

Find ACEs Aware Clinicians in California

  • The ACEs Aware Provider Directory offers patients a way to find and connect with trained ACEs  Aware providers throughout California.

California ALL / COVID-19

Find information on COVID-19 updates and impacts, as well as resources for health care providers, patients, and families.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 updates in California at Covid19.CA.GOV
  • Find resources for emotional support and well-being.