Bend Elementary Embraces Trauma-Informed Practices, Visited by California Surgeon General

Bend Elementary School of the Evergreen Union School District in Tehama County is working to incorporate trauma-informed practices into its school system. Last week, California Surgeon General Dr. Diana Ramos made an appearance at Bend Elementary to observe how the place of learning is utilizing trauma-informed training. Ramos visited with Superintendent of Evergreen Union School District Brad Mendenhall and Bend Elementary Assistant Principal Jessica Gantenbein, read to students, and toured the school. Gantenbein told us every teacher at the school has gone through the surgeon general office’s free trauma-informed training. The training aims to help school staff members, plus early-care providers, respond to trauma and stress in kids.

We had a special visitor last week. The California Surgeon General, Dr. Diana Ramos, came to visit our wonderful school. She was so impressed by the students and staff. She commented on what a wonderful and respectful group of students we have at Bend. This is a credit to all of the amazing parents who have raised such great kids. Thank you for sharing them with us.